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Originally Posted by Transfer View Post
Are you thinking all seasons only or summer rubber plus A/S for winter?

A dedicated wheelset with performance winter tires is really the way to go. I have the same amount of confidence in the handling of my car year round and it's crazy fun to blast through the rain and some snow with sure grip.

If you want to switch completely to A/S, there are some decent options out there that can do everything but don't accel at anything in particular. The new Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 will likely be a real gem.
Well, I don't drive in any real snow. And my car is a convertible that I don't take to the track, so I don't have to have the absolute best handling summer tire. I need a tire that is great in our current weather (35-45F wet), decent for the few days of dry 25-35F we get every now and then, and somewhat fun to drive on a windy road in summer. All while being quiet and comfy on my 18" wheels.

So I'm thinking one set of A/S year round. If I end up regretting it next summer, it will give me an excuse to buy 19" ZCP wheels with summer tires then

I love the idea of the next gen Michelin A/S, but they're not due until next summer. And it looks like the current gen wasn't available in stock M3 18" sizes anyway. Actually, tirerack only has 4 tires available in OE 18" sizes...