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Passes everything but the gas station

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The brembos are night and day comparison to the stock binders. Very little fade and brake fluid doesn't boil if you take it in the track. For daily driving they are fine and progressive not too much bite.

I don't drive mine that much at all in the winter. Picked up an Audi TTRS for my daily driving in January this year as I was putting too many miles on the M and gas mileage sucked.

The TT gives me great gas mileage, all wheel drive for the winter time and I enjoy driving it on a daily basis. Thought about an SUV or something along those lines, but in our crazy car minds the TT somehow seemed practical!

Very fast car, but the M as we all know is just something special. TTRS can make any average driver feel like the STIG.

Ill be interested to see which car is quicker once I break the blower in. TT is at stage 2+ right now and gets to 100 in a hurry.

Shoot me a PM anytime. Would love to meet up and go for a drive, coffee whatever