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Originally Posted by ottoblotto View Post
That pad is worn the hell down! But, what does the inside one look like? You mention that the inside of the rotor is smooth only the outer side looked like this. So, is the inner pad worn evenly with the outer? I ask because if not, you may have a caliper issue.

Do we not have sensors on the pads? I would think that the brake repl light would have come on.

Why not just get new rotors? I mean, brakes are pretty important and while I understand just because we drive M3s doesnt mean we have assloads of funny money, but why not just get new a front setup? It cant be THAT expensive...
The other side had a half millimeter more. It all happened in one 20 min session on the track . Light came on 5 minutes before the left pad overheated and turned into a pile of dust. I had adequate pad thickness before that session. I am just too hard on the brakes

Despite the rotor looking like crap initially, it is actually not that bad, I put in my slightly used stock pads and it's all good. The car stops fine for the street.

I am planning on getting a BBK, that's the reason for not spending money on new rotors.