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Originally Posted by alpina527 View Post
Is this close enough.

Originally Posted by And1M3 View Post
Now I think this is too close
Too close for comfort

Originally Posted by Technic View Post
My theory is that people is just people. Nothing more, nothing less.

The same way they park is the exact same way they drive, like they are walking at the mall. Have you noticed that no matter where you are at the mall -looking at a store display, walking, just sitting in a bench- somebody, out of nowhere, sooner or later, will bump into you, stand in front of you while you are looking at that display, and basically just ignore your presence and personal space?

That's the same way they drive and park.
This is true

Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
This reminds me of an experience I had a few years back.

I was coming out of the grocery store walking towards my car when I saw this lady loading groceries in the the trunk of a brand new S-class MB. She was parked across the aisle from me. When she finished loading her groceries, she simply shoved the shopping cart across the parking aisle to get rid of it. The shopping cart rolled until it crashed on my rear bumper . So I shouted "Hey lady, watch it. This is my car you just hit." To which she snottily replied "Calm down, it's just a car."

When I got to my car, I took the shopping cart the was resting against my rear bumber (it made a small scratch on the paint ) and I swung it back across the aisle. It crashed on the lady's rear bumper. She got out of her car obviously upset and screamed at me "Are you crazy, what is your problem?" To which I very calmly replied "Calm down lady, it's just a car."

Originally Posted by M3RD View Post
It's the thing about human nature. There are Leaders and then there are Followers ... too many are followers ... you see to follow is much easer then leading

So the fellow parking next to you saw you as leader and simply was a follower parking next to you made him feel safe, since you already made the decision that parking there was okay.

Just a follow up on Leading and Following ..

Speaking of leading and following one item from my past business life came to mind I like to share with you. And that is ...

At one point in my life I had over 20 highly educated people report direct to me. They came to me with the most outrages questions expecting me to solve there problems. Some of them had a better education and knowledge of the business as I at the time. So I thought about it what I should do.

My solution was to tell them ...

"Think of three solutions to your question, when you have them let's discuss it and see if we can find a solution, if it does not answer your question I'll think of something"

You see it made leaders out of them instead of followers. Naturally in the end it made my day to day business live more pleasant and I was able to do my work.

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Same thing when I'm taking a piss. There could be 10 empty urinals and they come and take a piss right next to you. Whatever happened to the leave a stall in between rule?
Originally Posted by ///M3THOD View Post
Birds of a feather!!

This picture made my morning.. haha.
Glad it did

Originally Posted by BimmerRob08 View Post
I usually try to park as far away from everyone else and yet some hunk of shit car will park next to me. I've had 3 door dings pulled out and luckaly becuase of Xpel plastic covering my doors I never had to get a repaint.

I'm terrified of some family van with some fat ass family and their 5 kids climbing in and out of it parked right next to me when I come back to my car.

I wish I could invent dentless doors or some shit.
Originally Posted by MY13E92M3 View Post
LMAO! I think he just wanted to be close to you.
Lol didnt really mind it just thought it was really random. Liked his car though

Originally Posted by MA///M3 View Post
happens all the time. pisses me off, but what are you going to do? I have to say, that first picture with that Plymouth is hilarious! What a p.o.s. I like the wind deflector!

Originally Posted by VMcV3y View Post
Looks sort of like you had camouflage, being a white car on a snowy lot....maybe the other driver didn't actually see your M3.

- V

That was probably the case. hahah

Originally Posted by Chriskm3 View Post
It's a nice picture though
Originally Posted by HeartMD View Post
I actually really like this pic. Kinda looks like a winterwonderland postcard..
Yeah the editing really made it pop

Originally Posted by MRV99 View Post
I was at a parking lot parked with about 15 open spots between the last car an my car. I was on the passenger side with the door open helping my son when some A$$ parked 10 inches form my car and got out and started walking away. I stood up and asked him could he move his car because I could not get in my door. He's response was "F*#k You bimmer snob you shouldn't even be in this parking lot(Menards). Climb though your bimmer car if you want in. HAHAHA" and just kept walking. If I didn't have my son in there(lead by example), and completely flabbergasted that somebody just did that, I don't know what I would have done...... I had screws with me so I could have done plenty. Then again, that would only put a target on my car in the future and paybacks are usually much worse. Climbed on through and went about my day.
I would of been pissed