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Originally Posted by MRV99 View Post
I was at a parking lot parked with about 15 open spots between the last car an my car. I was on the passenger side with the door open helping my son when some A$$ parked 10 inches form my car and got out and started walking away. I stood up and asked him could he move his car because I could not get in my door. He's response was "F*#k You bimmer snob you shouldn't even be in this parking lot(Menards). Climb though your bimmer car if you want in. HAHAHA" and just kept walking. If I didn't have my son in there(lead by example), and completely flabbergasted that somebody just did that, I don't know what I would have done...... I had screws with me so I could have done plenty. Then again, that would only put a target on my car in the future and paybacks are usually much worse. Climbed on through and went about my day.
This would lead to Karate practice if it were me!