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I did this on an E30, similar to the E36 (edit: that was an E46) you posted. He doesn't go over pushing the axle out of the hub. That can be a bitch and you can ruin the axle. You usually need a special tool to do that unless you get lucky and the splines are loose enough that you can get it out with a drift. That bearing seperator is a special tool (I wish I had one when I did mine). Installing the new one (next video, I didn't watch it) is the hard part. But yes, removing and installing the bearing can be done with washers, big bolts, and short pipe nipples.

I don't know the exact differences between the video and the E92 regarding the bearing installation procedure. But the parts concerned with the bearing (hub, bearing, axle, etc) should be virtually the same. The differences will be with regards to what you have to remove to get to it because the suspension setup on the E92 is a link setup which is much different than the older trailing arm based rear suspensions.

GL and please consider making a DIY since this seems to be an increasingly common issue.

Originally Posted by SP33DRCR View Post
You mean that all that time I spent watching Wheeler Dealer has been a waste? The reason I'd like to try this one is that there is a pretty decent DIY available for an earlier model 3 series. See
. I really like the fact that the guy does it with no special (read: expensive) tools. What could possibly go wrong?

Seriously, I've done a lot of DIY jobs before--including some pretty substantial ones. So I guess my question is this: does anybody know the differences between an early model 3 series and an e92 M3?
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