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Originally Posted by s4sammy View Post
Did you think the entire time you were test driving and looking at the car that it was quattro? Did you not look under the hood to see the placement of the engine? I guess you can't take it back can you... buying a FWD Audi is just like buying a regular VW. That really sucks man. I am laughing a little bit, not at you, just about the situation. How did that happen!?
I was actually looking for a 325/330xi but they were a bit too expensive so I began looking at a4s which I know nothing about. I didn't do my homework and had no idea there was a FWD version until I had already bought it and noticed the missing quattro badge! It was a cheap beater car primarily for commute and keeping miles off the M. Besides the fact that it was a huge buzzkill when I realized the mistake, it get's the job done for me and I have a funny story to tell.