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Marktapscott, thank you for your explanation and keeping the thread strictly technical.

When you mention running stiff spring rates in the rear as a coil over unit, can you define what stiff means to you? 500lb? 800lb? Also, how are motion ratios affected (if at all seeing how pivot points are unaltered) by running a coilover in the rear? I think the oem rear set up ration is something like .5 to 1. If the motion ratio changes by changing the coiover set up, could we then run softer (or stiffer depending on the change) rear springs? thus saving the rear towers from added stress?

Just looking into all the scenarios as I would like to run a coil over in the rear if I can, without having to worry about cracks in the towers. Can has 62k highway miles, so not hard miles at all.


EDIT: I just read: which explains suspension types. I will be going rear coil over to solve the motion ratio and spring rate issues.
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