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Originally Posted by Malek View Post
My buddy has a video of my non SC'd M3 whipping on his V10 R8 Spyder at the track. The car is not all that impressive and it weighs almost 4000 lbs. Its 430 lbs heavier than my M3.

On the way to the track, we found a very desolate straight away, my car (putting out 404 RWHP), 2009 M6 Vert and 2011 R8 V10 Spyder, all within 1 car length of one another.

R8's aren't all that impressive except for how they look. Then again, this car was a spyder, much heavier than its coupe counterpart. But I do see the OP's main point of diminishing returns. My good friend with the R8 V10 said something along the same lines too.

My dream supercar to own one day will be the McLaren F1, Carrera GT or my very own bespoke car.
I beg to differ. My r8 v10 is insanely fast and will outhandle almosf any car on the road. This is coming from someone who's owned a gt3, modded m3, pdk carrera s and more.