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Originally Posted by S65NAPWR View Post
we're pretty much going to have overcast weather with light rain. oh well, whatever, at least it's 50 degrees.

You guys thinking to switch winters immediately?
Originally Posted by etrillan View Post
Yeah, I'm going to.. got my winter setup waiting in the garage.. Was gonna bring it w me to dealership but they're too busy today.
Originally Posted by S65NAPWR View Post
Probably going to wait until somewhere next week to do it. I want to enjoy the ZCP wheels even for a brief moment. I have a set of OEM 219s (Dark Grey!) with A/S tires ready to go though.

EDIT: on second thought, I'll probably switch right away. haha. mid 30 - mid 40 temps these tires will be hockey pucks with any hint of speed.

I got a week out of the ZCP wheels before I switched... i figure cars in break in period and its cold... so fk it switch it up to the winters might as well save the zcp's for the summer when u can rev the piss out of it !