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Originally Posted by gimmethemuumuu View Post
OK. So, after poring over Google, Yahoo! Shopping and Amazon search results, trying to find a deal on our NGK (4471) LKR8AP spark plugs, I may have finally found a worthwhile deal:

If you follow this link,, you'll find the plugs listed for $9.92 apiece. And, unlike many websites, [Priority Mail] shipping is a pretty tame $5.45 (to my location). Finally, for an additional discount (5%), type the following into the "How did you hear about us?" field: 116368589530852. With this discount applied, the shipped total for eight plugs is just $80.84

I haven't ever ordered from this site before. They seem legitimate. I've placed an order just now. I plan to post here once I've received the product to verify the overall experience is a positive one

BTW, one additional note: The mobile site seem to be kinda broken. I was unsuccessful completing the order until I switched to the classic/desktop site. Then, everything went through smoothly.
Well, I mentioned I would post back up once I received these. I got them tonight and everything seems to be in order. No issues whatsoever. Shipping took four days to my location--not too bad. See for yourself
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