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Originally Posted by tomz_335i View Post
Wow, pretty defensive there buddy. For what its worth the tuner learning curve on our 335's has taken a quantum leap in the past few months and more and more of the reliability issues on a maxed out car (meaning FBO like me) are being dealt with.

This means close to 500whp on many of our rides (440-470ish as of today) with E92 and meth, maxing out the stock turbos. Once we sort the injectors and coils issues with after market options, there wont be a comparison with any stock M3, and even the supercharged ones will need larger pulleys to keep up in a straight line.

Anyway, just my 2 cents. The M is a beautiful car but I would rather have a fast and beautiful street car that doesnt regularly get beaten by a "lesser" car, as there is where 95% of my driving occurs. Happy holidays guys!
Not sure I understand what you mean , do you mean that you prefer FBO 335s to M3s and C63s or you mean that you prefer supercharged M3s over Ferraris and Lambos or you mean that you prefer twin turbo Lambos and Ferraris over Veyrons!?

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