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blue tooth

Last night, I was playing with my Iphone 5 while warming up the car and I know our car 2008 M3 E90 doesn't have Bluetooth. After I turn on the radio then when i started to play the game app on the phone while I was waiting. All the sudden my car speakers play the game music. I was surprised, I looked at my navi screen and it showed I was in the dialing mode with seconds counting but I wasn't even calling. Later, I checked the call history and no calls were made. Isn't this strange??

I was trying to duplicate this over and over and I can't get it to work and the game music only plays out from Iphone's speaker.

This incident made me believe, there is a way to play music over blue tooth with our navi from smart phone and we don't need the stupid aux cable.

I am not smart with electronic or gagets and hope someone can chin in something that I don't know.

I would love to use Bluetooth to play music. My gf's Acura can and she asked me how come my M can't?? I was speechless.