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Originally Posted by etrillan View Post
went to knicks nets game last night.. didn't hop on this forum all night and i feel like i missed so much lol.

I can't friday... got a police academy graduation to go to (Cop friends FTW!) I'm definitely rollin to the grad with the M lol

where you getting your tints at?
Nice guess he will be hooking you up with a PBA card later.

Originally Posted by 6spdg37s View Post
idk where u guys get tints done but my boy has a shop that does them ...

in staten island on victory blvd.

I get all my windows done there, I think 150 for the coupe for solarguard lifetime warranty

lemme know if use r interested I will contact him for u .. I need to get mine done but I need to get my plates first and get my NJ inspection sticker

lol and yes that was my z06 on his front webpage haha

he did my g37s, m35x, my sisters 328i, my gf's ford escape, my boys g37x, 13 jeep, z06, my 750Li , probably more i cant think of now
I will be getting my tints at top of the line tints in NJ. They are Certified 3M Auto Tint Installer and only a hand that special in 3m. I manage to squeeze in an appointment for tomorrow and it will cost a little more. I heard that our dot matrix is a pain to fill in and you will see bubbles if not done correctly.