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Originally Posted by Red_Baron View Post
Spacers are coming. Still figuring out what diffuser. And yeah I diy-ed it around the same time you did. Made a thread about it a couple months ago. I had to have reflectors for state inspection...
ahhhhh gotcha! Well good thing is you can wrap and unwrap em at any time! I believe my diffuser is the 3D design one (I snagged it at my buddies shop for a few bucks cuz someone had left it behind and didn't want it hehe) but awesome man. Wrapping is such a pain in the balls but totally worth it! Everyone that sees my car in person tells me my wrap job looks better than the professional wrap jobs they've seen lol. I was surprised cuz I'm such a perfectionist I thought I had done a crap job but hey guess not!
Here are some more pics so u can see my diffuser and such:

Btw sorry for the slight thread jack OP

Originally Posted by AlexTek View Post
The Yellow Ion looks amazing. Can't wait to receive my set this week trough the mail.

You both wrapped your cars. Damn that's nice. Here in the island Puerto Rico, to pay a shop to wrap your car cost around $2,500. Ouch
Yeah 2,500 is actually cheap. Out here it's $3,000 or more!