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I-Drive Dilemma - Thoughts?

My car is a 2008 with I-Drive, enhanced premium sound, HD-Radio, etc.

The CCC unit fried out on my car and I've been riding around in silence for the past few weeks and its driving me nuts. I have a few different options but not sure which one to pull the trigger on:

1) Buy a used CCC unit and swap out - $400

2) Buy a CIC retrofit kit - $2000

Obviously huge difference in value here. My car has about 60K miles and is CPO. I have the money to do the CiC but I'm nto sure if its a smart choice at this point or not. What would you guys do?

If I end up doing the CiC I'm going to want all the gadgets and gizmos that go with it - just not sure If I think its worth over 2 Grand.