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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
The same way they park is the exact same way they drive, like they are walking at the mall. Have you noticed that no matter where you are at the mall -looking at a store display, walking, just sitting in a bench- somebody, out of nowhere, sooner or later, will bump into you, stand in front of you while you are looking at that display, and basically just ignore your presence and personal space?
Yes. Sometimes I feel like I am in some sort of simulation, are these people real? A woman and I are both approaching the fresh herb section at Whole Foods at the same time, I smile and clearly let her go in front of me. Then she proceed to stand in front of every item, completely blocking my access, and spends at least a minute picking through things (decided she wanted the ninth version of an item so removed all eight in front of it multiple times) before walking away like I never existed. I had a minute to contemplate the situation and it stuck in my head. I wish I was so caught up in myself that I didn't see or care about anyone around me.

Though with the M3, there is some evidence of real curiosity. The forehead and finger imprints on my windows are not mine. I don't flatter myself, probably someone checking for visible Apple items.