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Now, I live in Seoul, Korea.

My M3 suddenly started to have vibrations and ticking noises from the engine since 2012 spring.
Since it kept got worse, I have brought to the BMW service last month.
It seems like my engine suffers rare S65 engine main bearing failures from what I found on BMW forums.

They have opened the engine and found damaged main bearings, and made me wait long for BMW Korea’s decision.
After many weeks(6 weeks +) they finally have decided that my damaged engine is NOT covered by warranty.
Currently they are asking about USD$12,000 to replace the whole engine(short engine or RMFD engine).
Their excuses are that I have not used BMW oil filter, and I have not brought the car for oil change to dealer at 25,000km.

I have been changing the oil every 5,000km-6,000km with Castrol TWS using BMW filter for last 3 times. My last oil change(4th change) was done at 26,100km with Mahle filter on Aug of 2012. Current mileage was at 29,000km when I brought the car into the service due to engine vibrations.

Although I am very understanding person, this whole situation does not make common sense at all.
BMW Korea requested numerous documentation for proving oil changes and etc. I have provided all of requested documents, and also have got answers from Mahle group that their filters are exactly same as BMW filter.
BMW Korea still denying the warranty as of today. I believe there are many flaws I can fight back legally on BMW Korea’s statements.

Xking situation..

RMFD or new, Which is better?
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