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Originally Posted by sensi09 View Post
I believe he's renewing his sponsorship so he may not be allowed to post

BTW thorny, how do you like those stoptech street performance pads. For just regular driving, any difference compared to OEM. Less dust?

StopTech SP pads are perfect for street driving, no matter how aggressive, no noise and no dust. They are better than stock. I worn out two set of fronts and rears are still OK.
They are also somewhat OK on the track for beginners and intermediate level drivers. I do not recommend them for those who beat the sh&t of their brakes on the track.

By the way, I managed to remove all the nastiness from the rotor with sand paper (150 grit). I used a metal piece to keep it pressed evenly to the rotor and rotated the rotor with the other hand. It took me an hour to do that one side that looked bad. The outer and inner areas are still worn more, but this will allow me to get by until I upgrade my brakes
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