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Originally Posted by motortrend View Post
If you look for people in Well cared for cars (even if they are old) you will hae a better chance than with a brand new S class driven by a careless old man. Anyway, it's better to just park far away if possible.

I remember a thread here if fin song a bimmer parked next to you, it had a few pics.
I had that happened once before. An asian mid-age woman came into a parking lot with her brand-new looking MB, out of hundreds of stalls available, she chose to park next to me. That's not the worst, when she opened her door she slammed on my passenger side door. Luckily, I was inside my car taking a phone call. I ran after her and she said she never hit my car with her door, plus she said to be very careful with her "expensive" MB. The woman then took off to the shopping mall and I went back to check my door, there was a ding and some scratches, but I guess I wasn't too concerned after all because the car I had already had too many ding & dents.
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