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I always park far away from other cars no matter what I am driving. Learned the habit in college when my first car got destroyed in narrow spots.

8 times out of 10 when I come back someone has parked right next to me.

I am not sure if people are trolling me or its just what normal people do.

I know when I am in a rental car and I see a Hummer or some Porsche (usually) parked diagonal or across the lines I find it very entertaining to fit into the spot next to them no matter what. So I make sure to never park across the lines or diagonally myself, but people still decide to park next to me.

Also people have different parking philosophies. I always park in "edge spots" so I can get close to the curb/line and there is lots of room on the side. I know a lot of people who actually seek out nice cars to park next to because they figure they'll be more careful. I think that's a bad idea because I have seen careless luxury car owners kick their doors open into the car next to them just because they can.