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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
While that is technically true, wouldn't the armed services be under control of those in power while also protecting them? If it were a case of the entire population against the government, then as stated before there would probably be many in the armed services on the side of the people. In the example of a smaller group starting a revolt to overthrow the government, I imagine they would have to get through the armed services first in order to oust those in control.
Not so hard or rather not impossible. Using asymmetric warfare techniques is not new but it does work. All you have to do is make service in government, military, law enforcement dangerous enough to effect willingness to serve. Things will start breaking down shortly thereafter. Any revolutionary that is dumb enough to engage in a stand up fight with trained authority will of course, lose. But one can smile and sell the authority figure a coffee in the daytime and shoot him at night. We've had that game played on us a bazillion times and it's effective.