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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
My point is that the reason people call out for gun bans / restrictions is because there is an emotional connection due to the intent of the gunman. The same emotional connection can be found in people who recently lost someone to a drunk driver, but not so much if it's just a normal "accident". If there is someone or something to blame people will jump on it. If this person ran in this school with a samurai sword and killed as many people there wouldn't be anyone calling for a ban on samurai swords. But because many people don't care to have or use firearms; they don't care that their argument is illogical. They just have something to focus their anger on and do so without looking at it objectively.
If your wife or child or anyone you loved or cared about was killed in a "normal accident" would the loss be any less for you than if it was a drunk driver instead? Would you be any less emotional? For me the answer is no. If you are honest with yourself the answer would probably be no too.

If that same person ran into the school with a samurai sword (or even 3 samurai swords) he couldn't kill 27 people in 10 minutes like he did with the guns he used.

I can also say with certainty if there were as many mass murders committed with samurai swords as there are with guns we would be debating regulation and access to samurai swords.

The reason people focus emotion and attention on these incidents is because they happen so often and because they are so traumatic and devastating for the people involved as well as the communities in which they occur. The destructive potential and the potential for unspeakable carnage and violence from the types of guns used in most mass murder shootings is unbelievable and frankly rediculous. That is one reason many people are so emotionally opposed to them. There is nothing illogical about wanting to examine all the common elements of these incidents when they occur in an effort to try to prevent them from happening. There are several important elements to examine but mass murder shootings obviously can't happen without guns.

And while it may be true that a person whose life is affected by gun violence might be less objective about the subject of guns and regulation, it could also be argued that as a gun owner you might become less objective too.

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