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Originally Posted by kingofthedemo View Post
If the military engaged in an all out war with civilians using air support etc, it would destroy the country. I think the hypothetical point is this- a government could never impose horrible action against it's own people if the vast majority of them are armed, we are talking about an army of 200 (armed) million vs 2 million active military, again the point is this- the government could never have the power to do something truly atrocious like a holocaust situation, if there would be a resistance that strong, sure the government could bomb the hell out of it's own country but what would that accomplish?

I admit the aformentioned is an extreme ''what if'' scenario that I personally don't think would ever happen.
I agree with the hypothetical point, and also agree that a unlikely scenario with 200 million armed citizens versus the government/military would not end well. It absolutely made sense when it was written, as at that time period it was much more possible for the people to overthrow a tyrannical government. In the event of an unlikely scenario, I just don't see how it would be possible for the people in this age to overthrow the government with the might and technology of the military that they would have to face.
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