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When I was recently in Los Angeles for the i3 Coupe I took the opportunity to take a drive in the ATS and whilst it was interesting it still was not a 3er , it actually felt like a more sportier version of our (German market GM) Opel Insignia , I have not followed whether the two are based on each other story so I cannot tell you if they are twins or not?

It was interesting but it did not stand out the way a BMW does.

BMW is not a German GM, or Toyota that is VW , BMW is run very much differently from either.

This generation of BMW models is far more profitable than before due the commonality of matrix sharing between each model which allows more models to be spun-off cost effectively whilst making a significant return. This was implemented well before the economic crisis hit as was EfficientDynamics and many other fuel efficient features, well before competitors had to take notice.

BMW is a company that focuses on the priorities of the industry and each challenge must be met. Constant change is active at BMW and we like to embrace it. By the time the customer is made aware of that challenge you will find BMW are at the advent of implementing a solution.

VW are not pleased about BMW's collaboration with Toyota as some have mentioned that with VW fighting to take the no1 spot from Toyota. BMW has hindered that in order to prolong the inevitable from happening anytime soon.
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