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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
As some posters have already eluded to, how exactly would we overthrow a tyrannical government in the modern age? When it happened in the 1700s, the militia had the same type of weapons as the army they were fighting against. Even if a group of people decided to try and overthrow the government with their stockpile of guns and ammunition, the US military and National Guard would put a quick end to it. How do they expect to compete against trained soldiers, tanks, naval and air support? Such a group determined to overthrow the government wouldn't stand a chance against the modern military. The only way it would even be remotely feasible is if a large portion of the active military defected to the opposing group, and brought some of that military might and equipment with them. I don't see such a scenario panning out though.
The same way it primarily happened the first time: Geurilla warfare. Those tactics were a handful for our military in Iraq, where we had fewer qualms about bombing buildings and running people off the road and the population had far fewer weapons. Those tactics wouldn't be acceptable here.

MteK: Mags vs. clips wasn't an insult- it's pointing out a fact. What part was insulting? It's just not something you generally here someone with any firearms experience say. If it bothered you so much you could've know...focused on the actual points I'm making instead of focusing your entire reply on the aside.

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