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Originally Posted by kotik View Post
all is relative. Reaative to automotive racing, I think NASCAR is the simplest form of it, you go around the circle. You can't tell me that going around turns is less complicated than going around a circle. Yes, I'm sure there is science involved in NASCAR, and certainly takes a skill, but everything is in comparrison to related event. I know that some NASCAR drivers actually race in other series (like most F1 drivers do, and Leman, etc), so not saying they just suck at life, but NASCAR is entertainment for certain people. Sorry, for me NASCAR is on the bottom latter of autoracing for me.
Have you ever been to the track? or have you ever driven a nascar style track? I honestly dont think you know what you are talking about. Nascar is as hard as any other racing and its definitely not the easiest form of racing. What about drag racing, that shit is so stupid and easy. All you do is go straight!
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