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Originally Posted by fobunited View Post
God chose Noah, that doesn't mean he was perfect.

You have done more good in your life than bad? How are you to judge what is "good" or "bad"? It ultimately depends on your standards. If you give money away to alleviate the guilt of stealing, are you really doing good? Biblically, God's standards of evil include even the thought of even. If you have ever looked at a woman and lusted, you have committed adultery. If you have hated somebody and wanted to kill them, you have alread committed murder. In this light, none of us are "good." And who said our good deeds wash away our bad? Just because we feel that we have done more good than bad doesn't mean the bad has disappeared.

I am done with this thread. Originally, this and a few other threads along the same topic have been a source of dicussion, honest questions, and respectable conversation. The mockery and contempt that is continually being shown is no different than racism and should not be taken lightly. I desire and hope that I have continued to respect other peoples' beliefs, although they differ from my own. I feel that I am not shown mutual respect, and therefor will not subjegate myself to that anymore.

I am a judge of what I have done because I have been hanging out with me all the time and I know everything I have done.

Sure - run away. That is what people do.
when the going get's tough the tough get going to another thread
But - before you run away. Why did God let Noah curse the innocent Canaan (- who did not see Noah's privates??)