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Originally Posted by izzyM3 View Post
Amazing ride with amazing mods!
Originally Posted by Pworld View Post
This M3 is perfect! A lot of discrete custom touches that make it unique. Love the custom work on the wheels!! How they should be from the start.
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i want! haha
Originally Posted by PlannBee View Post
Beautiful. Any plans to shave the front roundel too?

Love how you took an already expensive set of lmr's and customized them even further, love that brushed finish.
Thanks If I ever need to do front hood work, then yes I'll shave the front roundel.

Originally Posted by TimZ View Post
Been following this thread for a while and wow you have quite a perfectly modded m3!! Must get a full photo shoot in!
I didn't know you can get a leather dash as an OEM part! Mind PMing me the link/part numbers?
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Wow, beautiful car. Looks amazing..... Can't wait to c a photoshoot of this car.
Originally Posted by Kwando View Post
Are you going to do a proper outdoor shoot with that shows the entire car?
A while back, Sonic wanted to shoot my car but I was busy. If they still do, then sure I'll do it for them. If they don't, I don't have plans personally on a shoot.

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OMG. This is the most perfect E92 to date. Every modification is top notch and your wheel/break combo is stunning. Keep it up, can't wait to see the diffuser mounted.
Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post
I ended up returning the 4x4 diffuser because the V-weave was in the opposite direction. As expected, IND had great customer service. No hassles with the return. I'm waiting for the 1x1 to come in now. Per Greg, they are in production and he has been filling the backorders. My number in line should be in his next batch.

The interior leather parts have arrived and are sitting at Sonic right now. I'm going to bring my car in after the new year to get them installed.

Also have a new steering wheel being made.

Curbed a front lip already So will have that replaced as well.

And still waiting for Darwin to make me my brushed centercaps. D, you seeing this?