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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
As some posters have already eluded to, how exactly would we overthrow a tyrannical government in the modern age? When it happened in the 1700s, the militia had the same type of weapons as the army they were fighting against. Even if a group of people decided to try and overthrow the government with their stockpile of guns and ammunition, the US military and National Guard would put a quick end to it. How do they expect to compete against trained soldiers, tanks, naval and air support? Such a group determined to overthrow the government wouldn't stand a chance against the modern military. The only way it would even be remotely feasible is if a large portion of the active military defected to the opposing group, and brought some of that military might and equipment with them. I don't see such a scenario panning out though.
If the military engaged in an all out war with civilians using air support etc, it would destroy the country. I think the hypothetical point is this- a government could never impose horrible action against it's own people if the vast majority of them are armed, we are talking about an army of 200 (armed) million vs 2 million active military, again the point is this- the government could never have the power to do something truly atrocious like a holocaust situation, if there would be a resistance that strong, sure the government could bomb the hell out of it's own country but what would that accomplish?

I admit the aformentioned is an extreme ''what if'' scenario that I personally don't think would ever happen.

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