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Originally Posted by fobunited View Post
At the least? Who are you, or any of us to judge which sins are greater? And for the record, I do not believe I ever said that you were going to burn in hell and I apologized for the words and actions of others.

The grandson was not innocent. God's punishment for any man is just because all men are sinful. Although you may think in the scenario with Noah that his grandson was innocent, it does not mean he is innocent of sin as a whole.

All of mankind is sinful, including Noah. He is the tip of the iceberg as far as sinful people who God has used. Add to the list David, Solomon, Jacob, Paul, etc. etc.
The flood was to drown the sinful. I thought Noah got away because he was 'good'. Now you tell me in 2007 that God screwed up!!

Jeez! You know better than God. God has to be a fake if you know better.

I have done more good in my life than bad. I do not believe in the "all men are sinful" Christain belief. Let's just say that all Christian men are sinful. However, I do not believe that for a second either. "All" is an extreme (read fanatic) view from a cognitive stance of moderation. Let's revise it to "a fair number" or Christian men are potentially sinful

Is that rain I hear? OH CRIKEY!! Another flood - Run for your lives!!

Hang on - wait a tic! There is no evident to support the view that a WORLDWIDE flood occured. False alarm. It's just a wee bit of rain