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Originally Posted by adc View Post
Saw an older one at VIR in August and he was smoking fast. Coming out of the Hogpen I think he was accelerating to over 140 by the time he passed the garages, seemed to literally slingshot as if pulled by a giant rubber band.

But as for the drivers, I see it this way - a top level F1 driver is much more likely to extract max performance out of a cup car, and get out there in front. The opposite is simply not true - if you aren't weaned on aero cars from the beginning I doubt you can maximize a F1 car the way Alonso, Hamilton or Vettel can.

I'm not saying this with any sense of superiority, I've been enough on track to know my own skills don't even register on the scale...

The same goes for WRC, which requires a very particular set of skills. Kimi did horribly in WRC, but he still has gobs of speed in F1.
You would be dead wrong. Montoya (a damn good driver) is imperical evidence. With equal equipment he cannot best the likes of a Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Jimmy Johnson, et al.

It is just a different type of race, a different type of car with completely different driving and handling characteristics. You proved my theory in your last sentence -- re: Kimi in WRC races.

I would bet that if each series selected 5 of their best drivers within their own series and had them drive 10 ten laps in a Cup Car, 10 laps in an F1 car, 10 laps in a Daytona Prototype car and 10 laps in a GT car and record the aggregate lap times, Tony Stewart (assuming he can still fit in an F1 car) or Jeff Gordon would have the best overall time. Why? becasue they have driven open wheel cars many times (Stewart in Indy cars) and the Cup car is the most difficult to drive and is the one they drive for a living.