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Originally Posted by Desert_Fox View Post
AMG's are the only noteworthy cars Mercedes makes, and several of them are absurdly expensive. I wouldn't mind a C63 AMG coupe, it can hold its ground against an M3. 335i takes a shit on a C350 though
I own a C350 Coupe...It is "fast," but feels slow for a 300 HP car.

Also, it's my first RWD car. The car's slip warning comes on when I'm trying to go on a left turn at a stop.

When I was done with my Audi S5 Manual, I was considering the 335i Coupe (2012) but I couldn't stand BMW interior. With the F30/F32 models out now, thats a diff story of course.

I thought I would give Mercedes a shot because I felt like it was the better choice at the time and it was a new model vs owning the end of the 3 series couple cycle. I "like" my car, but I don't love it. The interior of a car is really important to me. I drive often and I appreciate a refined interior on my trips to vegas every 2 months.

However, I'm slowly getting more annoyed of my automatic transmission. I really wish they made a manual for the C350. Like the article says, the car is catered more towards an older crowd.

Lease is up in 12 months. Looking to either get a 435i or S5 Manual.