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Originally Posted by ms372 View Post
considering most after market CF pieces on the market are replicas in one way or another, and most of the fitment on them are off (Search!) i don't see why people think that a piece made in Asian where labor is basically nothing cost 300 and a piece made in the USA cost 1000.

think of it like this a lip that cost a 1000 will eventually get scratched and damaged the day you decide to put it on, you just paid 1000 dollars for it and now your luck if you get 500 for it. If you pay 300 for something made in China you can buy 3 others to replace it.

people say the fitment for the replica pieces are bad etc... but have anyone tried both original and replica? maybe a few, but i never see threads about fitment issues of replicas why? maybe cause it didnt cost much ? on the other hand i cant remember how many times i read threads about fitment issues with stuff that will cost you an arm and a leg and people tend to bash the companies that make them.
so your saying that the vendors on m3post create and develop carbon fiber and products in usa?