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So are most of the "radical" or "terrorist" Islamist of the Shia tradition? Is that the distinction that needs to be made to the rest of the world in terms of understanding that Muslims are basically peaceful?

Sharia law is desired by only Shi'ites, or Sunni as well? Christiane was visually and verbally taken aback when speaking to a member of "The Brotherhood" and he mentioned that women should be doing "appropriate" womanly things in the world

In another section, she went very far in getting into the "appropriate" headwear and dress to meet an imam. But this guy would not look in her direction, would not shake her hand, even turned away from her in the chair. A) Why did he agreee to speak to a woman? B) Is there an appropriate way to meet/greet/acknowledge the pressence of a humble/modest woman? Or must there be two women present to make a whole person?