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Originally Posted by christopherchenm View Post
M3 is like nothing in SoCal
It's funny no matter what car forum you are on whenever anybody makes a thread along the lines of "I get attention in my car" people from California come in to respond "not here, you might as well be driving a beige Civic".

I have a friend that lives in Santa Monica who I visit often. Sure there are lots of "nice" cars around, lots of 3-series, but 95% of people are driving the same economy cars they drive on the East Coast -- Prius, Yaris, old car, etc. I might see two or three M3s a day here, might see fix or six in LA, but they still stand out. I know I start daydreaming hard about driving mine up the coast when I get passed by one when I'm struggling to get up an incline on the highway at 65mph with the AC and the pedal jammed on the floor in my friends' Yaris. I'm sure if you picked up a girl for a date in a freshly washed M3 she would still compliment you on your car, no matter which coast you're on.