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Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
You genuinely feel that you've accomplished matching the straight-line performance of modified Z06's (which with those supporting mods are capable of running high 9's@~140) such as those in your videos? Here's one example of a vette modded less than the one's you ran:
You are easily going to need a built motor with a bigger blower and a built DCT transmission to keep up - which has never been done on the S65 platform thus far.
I guess it depends on mods but these certainly weren't 140mph trap Z's and I am not dilusional about the performance of my M3 which is nothing more than a basic intercooled ESS kit with catless exhaust.

Taking power to weight into consideration, my car should be able to run with a ~ 530 RWHP Z and as you know, they don't make that stock.

Heck, I would have been happy just to run with a stock Z06 but the fact that I ran with two modded ones was nice. By the way these Z's both ran/beat a ZR1.

Originally Posted by Killerfish2012 View Post
Nice car, nice mods, but still, an M3 with a supercharger, is still not a purposed built track car, like a Z06.

btw, are you liking that wavetrac LSD on your 335I? I'm getting it installed early next year.
The LSD (together with the Michelin PSS) was the best thing I did for the 335. The car was undrivable at it limit with the open diff given how much HP/TQ I was making. Wtih the LSD, the car became a blast to drive, both on the track and on the street. It was so much fun to launch from a dead stop. Even in the rain I cut sub-4 second 0-60 times. It probably accelerated faster than my M3 from a stop up to 100. Reminds me that I need to do some VBox acceleration runs in my M.

Originally Posted by s2kroma View Post
Great job. the camera is in the bad location. can't see anything.
lol yeah sorry I was assuming he was going to pull on me. You can actually see his shadow during the entire run except when I started pulling at the end.

Originally Posted by sensi09 View Post
Did the left lane at that airstrip event offer better traction? Or was it the other way around
The right lane seemed worse to me but on this run it didn't matter as we both spun a little bit but stayed side-by-side until about 130 mph where I began to creep ahead.
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