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Originally Posted by JCE View Post
I have to admit, I have been tempted to jump in this thread and fuck with these nutjobs but I had decided not to. If you argue with idiots, they pull you down to their level and beat you with experience.

But, this post made me lol. I notice no replies; your cleverness probably confused them while on their unrestricted weapon access rants for protection against the govt and to help the armed forces if we get invaded lol. Good job.
What's funny is that I quickly jump on the side of pro-gun when it comes to self defense or hunting, but that's it. Standing up against tyranny? Spare me.

I've done my share of range time and 3 gun competitions. Turns out a lot of the most rabid gun nuts couldn't run a couple of blocks without passing out. Many don't have any formal training or experience, yet they always talk about "getting into it" if they have to.

Truth is many of us wouldn't stand a chance if we had to go up against a well trained and equipped tactical unit coming for us or our guns. It's pure fantasy land.