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I think it's funny because he associates the cost of a car with maturity level and age group...

Someone could also see it this way...

Say the E46 owner bought the car new, it is a 2002... ten years old now. It is PAID for and he still drives it/enjoys it. Maybe it's the guy who financed a $50,000 335i and is at the mercy of a bank that isn't the bright one.

I for one own a 2002 330Ci and it has 63,000 miles currently and when I say own I mean I have the title and it is paid for, a guy I know the SAME age as me spent $33,000 for a 2009 328Xi with every package and option under the sun and he has roughly the same mileage on his (he bought it used) but the difference between him and I is that he owes so much on it now that he can't even sell it if he wanted to.

Wisdom and maturity is not to be associated with what a particular person drives in MOST cases (sometimes I see someone in a certain car and say to myself "what an idiot who would pay/buy that) but that doesn't mean that person is dumb, it means they don't know crap about cars... most people that buy BMW at ALL are pretty stupid considering it is DEFINATELY not the "smartest" option for efficient, reliable transportation I don't care what anyone says.

Technically the person who bought the Toyota Corolla made the "smarter" more "mature" transportation purchase, I personally made the dumber choice, but I like my dumb/immature choice. I chose looks, handling, options bla bla bla over being "responsible"

Is getting trashed on a particular night mature? No... but it's fun...

Do I drool over a 1994 Hard Top Toyota Supra TT with 120,000 miles on it that costs $28,000 instead of a shiney new $45,000 335i? Hell yes I do...

PS E46's aren't exactly cheaper, you can get an E90 for $10-12,000 with mid-higher mileage... a ZHP, M3 or 330Ci usually does run for more than that.

This is stupid and I am wasting my time.
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