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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
It's an M3 vs. thread.

We all know an M3 can't compete against a Z06 stock for stock and virtually everybody here is into modding, plus there is a robust aftermarket platform for the M3.

I bought my supercharger before I even had my M3. There are quite a few out there like me that wanted supercar performance and will get it with what we do to our M3's. From my vids above, I have accomplished that for the roll-on events. I'm address the track aspect (handling/braking) next year.
Unless you go very extreme E92 M3 will not reach supercar performance. Even if you reduced 500 to 600lbs on your M3 you still have chassis issue which you really cant do too much about. Then we have aerodynamics to account for and list goes on and on.

Track #s dont lie

'Ring times
Z06 - 7:22.68
M3 GTS - 7:48
Regular M3 - 8:05

I just dont see what you could do to close in on that gap.

To be fair one is a GT car and the other is a sports car(performance wise a supercar)