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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
On the Muslim front, I am beginning to understand some of the hatred of the west. I can't say as I condone it or anything, but begin to understand. There is the perception that the west is invading. Not necessarily always in a military way, but the ideas and customs of the west are infringing on the Muslim way of life in many areas 9cell phones, women uncovered and with makeup, no breaks to pray 5x/day in the workplace.
Actually, there has been that style of life going on in the time of the prophet, the Meccans had no morals, and they used to do all kinds of bad stuff.. But the prophet knew that he could not force a religion upon people.. He tried to let it grow in their hearts.

There are some politicians who are invading Muslim countries and lands for wealth, and that causes many problems. But as a Muslim living in the west, the things that people do are their business.. I have plenty of rights, I can go to the mosque, I have religious freedom at work, I can take breaks on Friday to go to Friday prayer. I love it.

Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
The other event that seems to belong to the violence-prone portion fo the community is the following not of Allah, but of men who claim to be faithful to Allah. OBL and his crew seem to be highly influenced by the writings/preaching of Qutb. There was also a large group devoted to the idea of the Hidden Imam. Is this another prophet I know nothing about? Or is he just another martyr that is held up as a rallying point for violence, sort of an eye for an eye? If I understood correctly, his family was tortured not by Christians, but Muslims.
Qutb is a character.. He comes here on an academic scholorship.. and then becuase he dosnt like the way people live.. he goes back and starts writing about how they should be destroyed.. This is not Islamic... Back during the time of the prophet.. the mulsims had to take refuge in Abussinia, a Christian land, and they were grateful.. not violent about it. Thats why these "home grown terrorists" get on my nerves the most.. their families come to other countries in search of refuge.. and then these kids grow up with all the comforts and start all this mess.. its very bad IMO.

Shias hold the nephews of the prophet in very high regard.. In my view they are on the border line of crossing out of Islam by stepping over Allah and his messenger and holding others in higher regard. Hence the beating they do as a "guilt" tradition.

Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
I have to say I initially had HUGE respect for the Jihadist who were fighting peacefully, like the young woman who chose fight her battle within western society by adopting and clinging to her religious faith, despite the hardships of doing such in the modern free-trade environment of the west. Then as I watched I became somewhat disappointed. She says, apparently contrary to what my brothers have told me here, that Allah WANTS her to cover her body. And at the last, her comments about "Why would *I* want that, why would *I* want men other than my husband to look at me" she seems to have just missed the mark that it's about what GOD wants, not what she wants.
The reason she says "Why would I" is becuase she agrees with why she covers.. God told her not too.. and she sees that he is right.. saying why would she even want to disobey and subject herself for that. I can 100% guarantee thats what she meant. For me for example.. God told me not to gamble.. but I also understand that its a bad thing that can cause me to go into debt.. thats why God dosn't want me to do it.. and why would I want to do it anyway since its bad for me.

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