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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
many, for starters:

1. better for road racing as the oil won't experience problems w/ g forces turning, etc.

2. Mount the oil in a central locaiton up top= more oil capacity= cooler oil naturally

3. As prior poster said, no need for a big pan = can mount engine lower if needed

4. No windage problems in pan as no oil sitting in crankcase
I agree with everything above for dry sump system in general but would like to understand if the application to the s65 justify the cost.

1. Does the S65 suffer from oil starvation from g force? I thought our oil pan/container already serve this purpose.

2. Got it.

3. I can't seem to find engine mount/bushings that lower our engine (yet) though?

4. Is the S65 affect by this? I don't think the crank hits any oil in our engine when it spins.

Not trying to debate or argue, just want to learn and understand it better. Thanks in advance.