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Originally Posted by brandobot View Post
I was at a holiday event at BMW of San Francisco this past Thursday. At the event, cars were being valeted into parking spaces. I didn't notice any damages since it was 9pm at night and pitch dark. The next day I noticed a fairly noticeable scrape on my newly painted front bumper. It looked like someone took a nose dive off of a driveway.

My question is how likely is BMW going to own up to this damage since I didn't call it out on the spot? I called BMW of SF, asked for a manager but got their voicemail box and left them a voicemail. I'll call back tomorrow if I don't hear back from them today.
If its nearby, pop over and see if you can find any paint on the floor/kerb/ramp/etc (basically anything that could be the object it hit) where they were parking the cars. Take a few pics then go in to speak to the dealer principal.

If you don't manage to find anything I'm afraid your out of luck, unless you have a good relationship with them. You can understand from their perspective, anyone could make such claims. They'd really need to know your character well to take you at face value.

Good luck.

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