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Yeah Ninjaneer pretty much explained about the Imam. Please dont confused Imam Mehdi in the Sunni view with the Shia view. Shia's have somewhat deviated from Islam. They give their 12 imams God-like qualities of not being able to make mistakes, having knowledge of all things etc. This cannot be disputed since even their leader said it in writing!

Anyway, I dont see a problem with what the woman said. I'll explain bro. Allah wants us to be modest. He wants women to guard their beauty and men to lower their gaze. This creates a peaceful society without rape etc.

Now, on a personal level, she is asking rhetorically, "Why would I want anyone else apart from my husband to see me?" Can you see her modesty at a personal level? All muslim women are encouraged to be like this. Wives should only want their husbands seeing their beauty. It is the purest thing for them.