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Originally Posted by biggynuts01 View Post
Really? Does 3m molding tape not hold? I am afraid of making extra holes in the bumper

What type and length of self tapping screws did you use and where did you place them?
Hard to describe but you'll see when you place the lip to the bumper. If you hold the center of the lip in place to the center of the bumper the sides of the lip won't be touching. It flexes into place as you start to secure it. Since all the mounting holes are at the rear of the piece. You need something really strong on the front to hold it in place properly. I have a hillbilly friend with a lift (always nice to have that special someone! I Recommend them for most installs). I know I know takes one to know one!

Anyway, drill your holes (4-5) I think? and fasten the lip down. Just step back and take a look. IMO there isn't a tape strong enough to accomplish what self taping screws will in this situation. I'll find out the size of screw we used.
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