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Originally Posted by etrillan View Post
I usually just self park.. drive it up the garage till the lots are empty, and take up two spots... there's tons of cameras in those self garages too and they're never full..

OUCH! hahaha yeah it is a little too big if that makes sense? but most of my rewards I get from Caesars too... they have the best hotel selections.
there almost bankrupt too I heard I feel like if anywhere wants to cheat and make their customers lose its them... spend tons of money to attract people u cant have everyone winning... not accusing them of cheating but just feel like they want you to lose... also I noticed the dealers were not friendly at all...

one of them even made a stupid comment to me .... I am sitting down playing spanish 21 and me and this woman are saying how we lost alot like i lost a G she lost a few G's and the dealer is this woman and she goes... oh well its only money...

the pit boss was mad haha he jumped in and changed the subject and was like thats a nice tattoo.... meanwhile all he could see was the bottom most part of it so he definitely was like fuck i need to change the subject !!!! hahahahaha