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I cannot get past the throttle response on the new BMWs.

The car stops and thinks whether it wants to go for a significant fraction of a second. Incredibly annoying. Also dangerous. Say someone stops abruptly in the lane ahead of you, so you need to get in the next lane, but see someone coming up from behind. OK, you've got a fast car, just pull out and accelerate. Not so fast - you pull out and pedal to the metal. For a heart-sinking second the car does nothing, just sits and loses speed, guy behind you is now blaring the horn, then suddenly the car wakes up and finishes whatever calculations it was doing then suddenly bursts forward with acceleration. In that second it feels like you are about to get rammed from behind.

Seriously, it's BAD. Had a 2013 X3 loaner for a week and it drove me nuts -- and supposedly the 2013 in sport mode is greatly improved in this area over the 2012. Drove my friend's 135 and it was the same story, so started looking on the internet.

It's not turbo lag and there are so many complaints about it all over the forums, for the 135, 328, 335, X3, even the new M5! Something up with BMW's programming, probably some "Efficient Dynamics" crap, like constantly turning the engine on and off. Like when you about to enter a roundabout but need to momentarily stop to check for cars coming the other direction and are in the middle of turning the wheel to the right angle to go. The engine turns off and the steering locks till you press down on the accelerator again. And of course, press down the throttle and by the time the car decides to go another car has entered. Brilliant BMW, brilliant.

So glad to get back in the M3 afterwards for this reason alone -- and auto stop/start disabled by default.

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