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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
There was also a large group devoted to the idea of the Hidden Imam. Is this another prophet I know nothing about? Or is he just another martyr that is held up as a rallying point for violence, sort of an eye for an eye? If I understood correctly, his family was tortured not by Christians, but Muslims.

I have to say I initially had HUGE respect for the Jihadist who were fighting peacefully, like the young woman who chose fight her battle within western society by adopting and clinging to her religious faith, despite the hardships of doing such in the modern free-trade environment of the west. Then as I watched I became somewhat disappointed. She says, apparently contrary to what my brothers have told me here, that Allah WANTS her to cover her body. And at the last, her comments about "Why would *I* want that, why would *I* want men other than my husband to look at me" she seems to have just missed the mark that it's about what GOD wants, not what she wants.
Haven't watched the show. However the "hidden imam" is not a belief held by the Sunni Muslims (the largest majority of Muslims). It is a Shi'ite belief ( He is referred to as Imam Al-Mahdi (Muhammad Al-Mahdi) but this is not to be confused with the mahdi which Sunnis believe in. For the most part the discussions on this board are by Sunni members. Shi'ite beliefs can be far away from what has been discussed on this forum.

As for the female, I didn't see the segment but from what you've mentioned I don't see anything contradictory about her statements. First off her actions are actually for God, first and foremost, since it's an order from God (backed up in the QUr'an). Next comes the idea that she doesn't need to cover for her husband and shouldn't expose herself to others freely and attract people's attention.
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