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Originally Posted by jqsmooth View Post
Dude, glad you got them installed and like them. I'd like to see the other stuff you installed as well as the Lux. I thought the 6500s have a bluish hue but I don't see that at all. Maybe I got the 5000s? Nevertheless, I like the bright white angel eyes. I'm baffled that some think it's "ricey". Really? I can respect someone liking the OEMs but to call the white AEs "ricey" is a bit much. The OEM yellows look dull and outdated to me. That was the main reason for me to switch. What's next, are we gonna install tape decks/A-tracks?
I only got the chance to install the WeissLicht Amber LED stealth turn signals to get rid of the ugly egg yolk look. I will try to post a picture of the headlight unit which no longer has the egg yolk look. I will say that I definitely had more room to work after removing the two front tires to access the panel right behind the headlight unit under the wheel housing. However, the cap which attaches to the OEM bulb and the new stealth bulb did not fasten completely after installing the new bulb

I gave up and tried to make sure it was as fasten as much as possible and made sure the turn signal worked. Unfortunately, it looks like i will have to mess with it again the next couple of days because I just got a turn sign malfunction error as I got home from work today and I am assuming its because the bulb and cap are not 100% fasten in place

So much for the advertise easy install/plug and play. Will see, I am trying not to apply too much force and potentially break the prongs like some folks have mentioned on here.

In terms of the angel eyes it sounds like you got the 5000K like i did. I ordered them exactly because I didn't want the blue hue that the 6500K claim to have. I am extremely happy with the all white 5000K. I also don't understand why they would be called "ricey" either.

I hope to install the LED license plate bulb upgrade soon. I have been really busy at work leading up to a good holiday break coming up next week.
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