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Originally Posted by kaiv View Post
You got me beat by a tenth of a second LOL Nice!!
LOL. Yeah, it took some effort - it is all that weight I dropped. I did feel the car was a lot more tail happy. I made rebound on the rear axle a few clicks softer and it was OK or maybe I adapted to the new balance. I think next time, I'll just leave the backrest - a lot quiter that way.

One thing that I need in order to keep improving is brakes. This is so annoying doing cool down laps in the middle of the session and bringing braking point earlier and earlier as they start to go.

I ruined surface on my front rotors because my ST Street Performance pads vanished after the last session - literally there is 0 material left, I had at least 2.5 millimeters before that session. They didn't last me 3 full track days.. Ultimately I want ST big brake kit, but for now maybe I'll just resurface the rotors and go with Endless pads, I hear a lot of positive things about Endless from guys at the track.

Can anyone recommend a reputable shop in LA to resurface rotors?
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